Minutes from the Dixie Zone Annual Meeting

Committee: Dixie Zone
Date: September 22, 1995
Recorder: Rocky Motter
Chair: Scott Rabalais
Committee Members present: 22

In attendance: 17 voting members: Scott Rabalais (SO), Charlie Kohnken (FL), Randy Nutt (FGC), Carl House (FGC), Elleen Schappel (SE), Mary Lee Watson (SE), Ceil Blackwell (NC), Lil Haneman (FGC), June Krauser (FGC), Joe Kurtzman (SC), Bill Lotz (GA), Lisa Watson (GA), W. Schmitt (SO), George Simon (NC), Harold Ferris (FL), Frank Tillotson (FL), Jerry Glancy (FL). 5 non-voting members: Anne McGuire (FGC), Jean Fox (SE), Judy Bonning (FGC), Larry Peck (FL), Ernie Leskovitz (FGC)

Newsletter: Scott reviewed the current Dixie Zone newsletter, sent quarterly, which informs LMSCs of convention news, Dixie Zone policies, financial reports, upcoming events calendar, Zone Championship entry forms, and LMSC updates. The Dixie Zone delegates wish to commend Scott for an excellent job.

Zone Championship meets: Reports were made from the last three Dixie Zone Championships: SCM Championship held in New Orlando LA had 102 swimmers; SCY Championship held in Atlanta GA had 267 swimmers, LCM Championship held in Baton Rouge LA had 132 swimmers. The 1995 SCM Championship is set for Anderson SC for October 27 & 28. Bids were made for the 1996 Zone Championships and given to the following meets:

SCY Championships: Raleigh NC, April 20-21, 1996
LCM Championship: Greenville SC, July 13-14, 1996
SCM Championship: Orlando FL, Oct 5-6, 1996

Top Ten Report: Rocky Motter, Dixie Zone Top Ten Recorder, stressed to the committee the importance of getting complete meet results in order to do an accurate Top Ten. Carl House is experimenting with a computer program to adapt National Records & Top Ten to the LMSCs. Scott Rabalais presented a plaque to Rocky on behalf of this committee in recognition of her hard work.

Financial: This committee asked Scott to thank Kinko's for their continued help in putting out the Zone newsletters. Scott submitted the financial report for the last year. The Dixie Zone account is in good shape with a balance of $409.12 at the current time.

Other Business

Election of Zone Representative: Nominations were held to replace Scott Rabalais, who is stepping down after four years as Dixie Zone Chairman. June Krauser was elected as our new Dixie Zone representative.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 AM.